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Grow your mindset, leadership skills, network and income to win for you and your family

What Our Members Are Saying...

"Being able to collaborate and partner with members of the Baseball and Business community has definitely been a home run."

Larry Long Jr., Former D1 Baseball Player 

"I was amazed at the people who reached out to me. Since then, I've had conversations and with one in particular...we've got an opportunity to collaborate on something pretty amazing that would be a game changer for individuals who both of us serve."

Kevin Kowalke, Former D2 Baseball Player

"The way I think of all this is that each of us are really awesome at playing whatever our instrument is and Luke is the maestro. Just the other day, I had a great business opportunity that came from a person Luke introduced me to...let's bring in more experts so this symphony can really shine."

Keenan Long, Former Pro, D1 and D3 Baseball Player

"It's a community of like minded individuals who all have that same competitive background and drive to achieve success...I've gotten to meet a bunch of leaders in various different fields to be able to grow my acumen when it comes to business and take what I learned on the field and transfer it into the boardroom."

Cole Rutherford, Former Pro and D1 Baseball Player

What is Baseball & Business?

Created by players, for players...We bring together current & former pro and college baseball players to more rapidly advance their accomplishments in business through accountability, building relationships with others on the same journey and sharing ideas so that we can grow our mindset, leadership skills, network and income to win for our families.

Our Logo Introduces Our Story...

The reality we all know is that baseball is a road which eventually comes to an end whether that is in college, playing in the minors or having a Hall of Fame career in the big leagues. 

Unlike the clear path the bases present to achieve the objective of a scoring runs to win a game, the other side is often filled with more questions than answers leaving a gap between a playing career ending and full potential in business being realized. 

Without a bridge to walk across, guys have been left to figure it out on their own...but those days are in the past.

Baseball and Business is an exclusive network of current and former pro and college players you can navigate the journey with together to more rapidly advance your accomplishments in business by growing your mindset, leadership skills, network and income to win for your family.

The middle of our logo represents the bridge built by Baseball and Business being born from conversations between a group of pro and college players discussing the unique circumstances current and former players face.

We all know winning a championship has never and will be never be won by a one man team. This formula to success on the field works just as well in business and life as a whole.

While our community is exclusive to current and former pro and college baseball players, it is for anyone in this fraternity no matter where they are at on their journey.

Think about where you are hoping to be in a year.

Imagine how much better off you would be running this marathon journey in business with an elite group of ambitious guys who have shared life experience and will hold you accountable to be your best.

That’s why we created a place to be on a team beyond the field.

There’s a new jersey awaiting you.

We are Baseball and Business.

What Exactly Will I Get By Becoming a Member?

Member Only Benefits Include:

  • Access to our private online community to interact with other members 
  • A quarterly Zoom meetup which includes a breakout session to network with other members and participate in live Q&A with our featured guest. Here's a small taste...


  • An invitation to our annual in-person event with other members
  • Content only accessible within the private online community
  • The ability to download the app to access our online community on mobile as well as desktop
*Joining does not guarantee any specific results which can vary and is ultimately determined by the activity of each individual

What If I'm Not Sure This Is For Me?

While our community is exclusive to current and former pro and college baseball players, it is for anyone in this fraternity no matter where they are at on their journey.

If you want to explore more first, our content available to all is our podcast. Each episode features a current or former MLB, MiLB or college player sharing from their journey as an athlete and within business. The Baseball and Business Podcast is available on all major platforms.


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